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Confronting Change

Regardless of background, we are all impacted by oppressive systems. By encouraging accountability, self reflection and collaboration, I believe we can challenge preconceived ideas about our place in the world and how we interact with one another. We may learn to overcome those systems and create a fairer existence for us all - within our workplaces, our communities, our social spheres and beyond. 


I create safe, open and honest spaces where we can have frank and sometimes difficult conversations. By learning to navigate through that discomfort, we begin to see tangible shifts in attitudes, ideas and cultures. We may then move to taking measurable action, by developing innovative D&I strategies that are tailored to you, your organisation and your ways of working.  

Confronting Change is founded by Yassine Senghor. I am an Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion  specialist with expertise in LGBT inclusion and creating anti-racist spaces. As a queer black woman; my passion for Equality, Equity and Inclusion stems from the core of who I am.

I am also a speaker, writer, facilitator, mentor, host, and occasional model and I have a keen interest in the Arts.

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"Change comes from a degree of discomfort that allows for and spurs thought and action"
- William Blum

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