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This thrilling and lyrical retelling of Othello, with Francesca Amewudah-Rivers in the title role, sees the National Youth Theatre REP company explore themes of love, jealousy, systemic racism and misogyny through the lens of crime and power.


Set against the early 90s rave scene with electrifying music and movement Olivier Award-winning Director Miranda Cromwell (Death of a Salesman, West End) gets to the heart of the play in this abridgement by dramatist Dzifa Benson (Creative Producer at The Water Replies for Estuary 2021 Festival.) For tix click here


working with the national youth theatre on their latest production of Othello. the combination of my life experiences as: a queer black woman who has worked in not only predominantly white spaces, but also male dominated fields, as well as my professional background in LGBTq+ inclusion set me up to guide the young cast in their character and performance development.


I specifically supported Othello (Fran) as the lead, as well as working through the relationship with Othello & Desdemona, and spending time with the rest of the cast discussing topics such as race, lgbtq+ identities and the nightlife industry.

are you working on a project, performance or creative piece of work that could benefit from sensitivity reading? Get in touch for more info

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