Tailored services dependent on your

needs and objectives


A holistic approach to examining workplace culture which includes policy reviews, recruitment guidance, strategy development, action planning and more...

policy review

A thorough review of the policies in place to support your employees


Tailored workshops looking at themes such as General D&I, Embedding Anti-Racist Practice Into your Workplaces, Active Allyship, and LGBT inclusion. these are tailored to your sector, knowledge levels and staff numbers. (currently held digitally)

action planning

Support to determine the next steps on your inclusion journey 

speaking engagements

Learn from lived experience -

queer, black, female, immigrant, plus size, butch. these are just a few of the intersectional identities that have shaped my experience of the workplace, and life in general. 


digital or face-to-face, Live events, panel discussions, webinars and more, a dynamic host to bring your event to life


whether career focused or based on lived experience, supporting you to work towards attainable goals and fulfil your potential 

sensitivity reading

scripts, character development, idea generation etc. based on my professional and personal experience, adding authenticity to your projects and providing safe environments for creative exploration