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exploring gender and sexuality with tssa (Transport salaried staff association)
For lesbian visibility day 2021 (april 26th), I sat down with TSSA organising director nadine rae to discuss my understanding and experience of my own gender and how it has impacted the way that i move through the world. This WAS PART OF THEIR INCLUSIVE RAIL CAMPAIGN, WHICH IS WORKING TOWARDS

Inclusive Rail is TSSA's campaign to make the railway inclusive of LGBT+ people by 2025. We will engage with individuals and groups who want to be part of making a difference, through collaboration and workplace leadership.

Our campaign includes the following elements and will grow as we work with others to make the railway LGBT+ inclusive.


People are asked to pledge to not stand by and watch bullying or harassing behaviours, but to take appropriate action. Get our campaign pack here:

TSSA Equality Bargaining Standard: LGBT+ Inclusive Workplaces

TSSA have launched their LGBT+ Inclusive Workplaces Equality Bargaining Standard in 2018. Download it here   Inclusive Workplaces Bargaining Standard

Role Model Posters

Our poster campaign features TSSA members and staff who are LGBT+ and proud. These posters are designed to break down stereotypes of LGBT+ and acknowledge and celebrate disversity within the rail industry. 

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