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mya byrne: Skipping stones

Mya Adriene Byrne is a poet, award-winning performing songwriter, and activist Based in New York for 13 years and currently residing in San Francisco. A proud trans woman, she established her solo folk-Americana career in 2012 after years of performing with roots-rock band, the Ramblers, opening for acts such as Levon Helm and performs solo or with various bands on both coasts .

Mya says:

"I was struck by a moment at a reading I did for a queer magazine about ten days ago; one of the other readers said this line: "Even in your ordinary, there is something great." I was totally moved by this, and used the line in a quote. When I went to write my song yesterday, it was kicking around in my notes, and out this song came! I am crediting the writer, Yassine Senghor, for directly inspiring this song (and of course giving songwriting credit!). The repeated refrain of "this I know" was inspired by a translation of a Hebrew song I heard sung at a virtual Seder last week. Just thinking about the little things everyone does every day that we might not think about that give so much to the world. We are all doing great things, every moment! Love y'all."

Skipping Stones

In each day there little things you do
causing ripples in the waters that you’re wading through
Even if it’s just from skipping stones Em
somewhere someone feels them this I know

Somedays you may feel at a dead end
what if it’s the starting line where you start again
You may not be clear on where to go Em
you’ll find out in the journey, this I know

“Even in your ordinary, there is something great”
I’ve heard poets say G D It’s
all right to not understand what every moment shapes
Those answers may be many years away

So take each day one moment at a time
Skip your stones and don’t be shy; draw outside your lines
You’ve got nothing more to prove and show Em
You’re always moving forward, this I know
Far from ordinary, this I know

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