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Deep black water -

georgia van etten

Summer 2020 - in the midst of the first London lockdown, I got to be part of this music video from Australian blues, jazz, country singer Georgia van etten. This was a protest song of resilience. in the midst of a bleak summer I hoped to embody the frustration felt across the globe against inequality, injustice and systemic oppression (while yelling at the poor camera man as we drove through a carwash).

"I wrote 'Deep Black Water' to provide a powerful reflection of life as a young person today. Inspired by the stories collected from students I have taught in London’s poorest areas and that of my own experiences in a money-driven, elitist world. The song depicts the grit of city living and I wanted to echo this in the music video by exploring the lives of young people in an honest and confronting way. The phrase 'Deep Black Water' was inspired after a panicked experience with the deep drop off when swimming out too far and this feeling of hopelessness is conveyed in the video alongside an angered will to overcome fear and call for urgent change. The song and video address the unfair reputation bestowed upon my generation and shed light on the reality which sees young people work multiple jobs only to just scrape by, who cannot afford university or are burdened with life-long debt, who face extreme class struggle, racism and live under governments who do not listen. I hope it serves as an important talking point". - Georgia

Georgia Van Etten - Live
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In conversation with georgia van etten

A chance to explore the themes of the video with myself and Georgia Van Etten to launch the international premier of the music video for deep black water

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