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Episode 8: LGBT Rights in AfricaNea Onnim
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Nea Onnim Podcast

Episode 8: LGBTQ+ Rights In Africa

I sit down with Mose Issie (activist and host of Its A Bame Life Podcast) in conversation with Gillian Benneh for the launch of episode 8 of Nea Onnim. We talk about our LGBTQ+ Rights in Africa in light of the recent closure of the LGBTQ+ Rights Ghana Centre in Accra last month and our own experiences as queer Africans in the diaspora and how this impacts our connection to the motherland and its lost queer histories.


About Nea Onnim:

My name is Gillian Benneh, AKA Mama Adjua Agyemang, founder and presenter of the Nea Onnim Podcast. This podcast is part of the Nea Onnim concept, which started back in 2016 when I was inspired and delivered presentations about Africa not being a country. We were encouraging businesses to improve their marketing strategies when selling products to Africa. Since 2020 I have been having conversations to help magnify the richness of African culture, business, health, and creativity, through the exploration of Adinkra symbols and my guests, who are from the diaspora and beyond.

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